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Event Details

Junior Achievement

2018 JA NSLS - Commercials

One Education Way
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80906

Monday, April 30, 2018 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

The presentation should grab the viewers’ attention and spotlight the company’s product
or service. The commercial should bring to life the benefits and use of the
product/service in a way that will be memorable for viewers.
? The clip should clearly demonstrate how the product or service adds value/fulfills a need
for the target audience.
? When making the video, think of some of the best commercials – what made them the
best and what made them memorable? Were they funny, innovative, or shocking? Did
they tell a story? Did they speak to an experience you personally have felt?
? Please note: All videos must adhere to copyright protection guidelines. Students
may not use copyright protected images, music, or references without express
written permission. Any videos that include music copyright infringement will be
denied. Please cite the music source (artist and song title) at the end of video
even if the music is public domain or royalty free.
? The maximum time allocated for each video presentation is 1 minute.
o Commercials should be uploaded using the instructions provided on page 3, no
later than Friday, May 4. The format must be in either Windows Media or
QuickTime (.mov .mp4 or .wmv).

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