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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q.   What about one-time events?

A.   Even if you're only using Score My Pitch for a single poll on a single day, you still have to purchase a subscription for at least 30 calendar days. When the event is over, you would cancel your service. If the plan continues beyond 30 calendar days, you are still responsible for any account charges, even if you do not use the service. There's a lot of boring reasons for this. Essentially, it's cheap for us to just give you the rest of the month, so we do. In addition, most people prefer to have all the features available for testing well before their event and find a lot of uses for mentor and coach sessions between events. Our average customer support effort doesn't differ much for one-time-event users and recurring users. We don't know anyone else providing this kind of service for less money, so we say: enjoy your month.

Q.   How do I cancel my account?

A.   It’s simple and immediate. Just email Bill Kenney, bkenney@testmypitch.com, with your account name and simply say something like “please cancel my account” and he’ll take care of it.

Q.   Can I get a refund?

A.   No. Unused or forgotten service will not be refunded or credited.


"The eScorecard was very helpful in our decision making process for selecting companies in to our accelerator program. We now have an easy to use and reliable process."


- Asad Butt, Operations Director, LearnLaunchX