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"I just wanted to take a moment to sing the praises of Score My Pitch. It was unanimous among our staff and the U.S. Bank team that this year was way, way smoother. Our CEO and VP were blown away by how effortless the scoring was and overall how smooth the event went. Compared to last year, this was cake."

-Caitlin Behle, Creative Enterprise Manager, ArtWorks

"We used Score My Pitch to judge our hallmark high school student competition in Washington, D.C. The tool performed brilliantly. The judges loved it, the students received volumes of feedback and we saved lots of time administratively. We can see many applications for Score My Pitch and can't wait to use it again."

- Andy S., - national youth-serving organization

"Everything went smoothly on the scoring and the tool was great on quickly coming up with a winner. It made the decision so much more definitive and less subjective! We'd definitely use it again!!"

- Jennifer Gabler and Janis Collins, Co-Founders, The Refinery

"Score My Pitch is a wonderful tool ! It helped us to save time at Startup Weekend Kinshasa and Bamako. It was great that we could use the French language. The public and attendees were happy. The tool even helped a remote judge who was in London score the final pitch session. We got all results as soon as all judges validated their votes."

- Hermann Rodrigue Kouassi, Facilitator and organizer, Startup Weekend

"Adopting Score My Pitch has significantly improved the quality and administration of our boot camp pitch events. We're a lean organization so having a tool that can both make us more efficient and effective is fantastic. The volume of mentor feedback that the system delivered the entrepreneurs was way beyond our expectations. We can't wait to use Score My Pitch again!"

- Kara Shurmantin, Partnerships Manager, MassChallenge

"The system worked flawlessly! The judges loved it! Great tool, we'd love to try out the audience feature on a future event."

-Peter Karlson, Facilitator & Organizer, Startup Weekend

"Score My Pitch was a hit with our judges. Scoring on paper would have been a logistical nightmare, using your software made it so much easier--especially with everything happening in real time. The ability for judges to leave digital notes was great as well and I think our individual teams will get a lot out of them."

- Christopher Hurlbert, Organizer, AT&T's "Innovate Possible" Campus Challenge

"No more paper ballots and entrepreneurs asking how they did. Score My Pitch gave us an easy way to streamline our processes and quickly share volumes of actionable feedback with our entrepreneurs."

- Travis Cannon, Facilitator & Organizer, Startup Weekend

"Using the Score My Pitch system allows us to accommodate 15% more student entrepreneurs in our competition because of the speed that it allows judges to work."

- Mike Roer, CEO, The Entrepreneurship Foundation and the Connecticut Collegiate Business Plan Competition

"I loved that Startup Weekend Stamford used Score My Pitch. I attended the NJ Startup Weekend as well, and we walked away without feedback. Fail early, fail often -- without feedback, you're likely to simply keep failing and not learn what you are doing wrong."

- Adil "Justice" Seddiq, Team Pisces Place, participant in multiple Startup Weekends

"Score My Pitch has been a great tool to use for our pitch contests. It's convenient for judges, tracking scores and a great way to collect and share feedback for entrepreneurs."

- Lianna Kushi, Program Manager, Merrimack Valley Sandbox

"Adopting Score My Pitch for our Startup Weekend allowed the judges to articulate their thoughts better, leading to better feedback, and happier participants! The software is virtually idiot proof and offers different features that were not available to previous attendees, such as the ability to engage the crowd by allowing them to vote on their favorite team and provide additional feedback. We look forward to using the software next year!"

- Will Haire, Organizer, Startup Weekend

"The eScorecard was very helpful in our decision making process for selecting companies in to our accelerator program. We now have an easy to use and reliable process."

- Asad Butt, Operations Director, LearnLaunchX

"As the winners of Startup Weekend New Haven, it was invaluable to know why we were recognized. The specific feedback, both quantitative and qualitative, offered by judges through the eScorecard is allowing us to evolve our business plan and maintain momentum with our team. The scoring system is a great reference that has proven to be instrumental in guiding our progress.”

- Stephanie Yacenda, Team “Bucket Library”, Startup Weekend New Haven 2013

“I'm so glad Score My Pitch was at the 2013 Startup Weekend New Haven event to capture feedback from the judges. My team was able to clearly see where we could improve and which teams were successful in those areas. The scoring system gives valuable feedback which allows for participants to set goals and prepare for future events.”

- Heather Strycharz, Team “Hub & Spoke”, Startup Weekend New Haven 2013


"The eScorecard was very helpful in our decision making process for selecting companies in to our accelerator program. We now have an easy to use and reliable process."


- Asad Butt, Operations Director, LearnLaunchX